We are a family-owned trading company located in Pune (India) and active in the industry for more than 30 years. Here we present you with some more detailed information about us.
  Overview with Key Facts
  The management is jointly headed by Mr. Champalal Sarda & Mr. Satyanarayan Sarda, who are also the founders of the firm.

Mr. Niranjan Sarda joined the firm in 2004 and is in charge of new ventures.

We have a salesforce of 6 engineers for customer support activities and additional 2 people involved in coordinating India-wide sales.

We are currently in planning our expansion, geographically and in terms of our product/service offerings. Plans include offering end-to-end technical solutions for custom/special tools > from design to after-sales service. We are also looking at scaling up our marketing/distribution set-up and include advanced machining
and tooling solutions
in our existing portfolio.


Our website will be undergoing an overhaul from May-July 2021. Apologies for any challenges faced on the site during this period.