Master jaws

  • Location for
    - Soft top jaws
    - Hard profiled top jaws
    - Claw jaws
  • A set of straight gear toothed master jaws will
    be supplied.

Top jaws

  • Soft top jaws
    - can be bored to the desired diameter
  • Hard top jaws
    - for the clamping of raw material
    - cover a large spectrum of diameters
    - can be ground for enhanced accuracy
  • Hard roughing jaws
    - for extremely strong clamping of raw material
    - clamping depth T can be reduced with distance bolts.

Hard profiled stepped jaws
additional advantages compared with the hard profiled top jaws:

  • higher strength [because of absence of screw connection]
  • lower weight
  • smaller building height, less leverage under clamping pressure
  • suitable for bar machining




Jaws. As individual as your needs.


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