This probably sounds familiar to you: The obstacle to complete machining is often the lack of a sensible workholding device that is able to clamp a work piece from the inside.

A jaw chuck offers only limited help and mandrels currently on the market leave
a lot to be desired regarding accuracy, rigidity, stroke and usability.

Totally contrary to the HAINBUCH segmented mandrels. Here you have state-of-the-art clamping technology that is convincing, even in the most critical applications. The principle The central element is the clamping bushing. Because conventional clamping bushings are made out of spring steel and are only annealed and therefore soft, they have to bend to clamp the work piece.

HAINBUCH segmented bushings on the other hand are made of chrome/nickel, case hardened steel that is very hard, extremely wear resistant and rigid. All contact surfaces are ground in one operation guaranteeing an optimum of concentricity.




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