New PVD coated ceramic

PVD TiN coated ceramic AB2010 is a new mixed ceramic grade based on alumina oxide with an addition of titanium carbide nitride. This new grade will offer extended tool life when machining hard materials compared to alumina based TiCN ceramic inserts.

The yellow coating makes it easy for operators and users to identify used/worn corners after machining a work piece. The main application areas for this grade is the turning of hard materials (HRC50>) AB2010 offers a cost effective alternative to CBN when machining hardened parts. Excellent wear resistant and extended tool life when compared to uncoated ceramic grades on high cutting speed applications. Very easy to identify used corners on inserts due to the yellow PVD TiN coating Potential major cost advantage compared to CBN inserts on hard turning applications. Excellent combination with improved wear and fracture resistance. Application areas: finishing operations on hard steels and hardened cast irons.


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